• • •


Some men are called by God
to give their lives
to all
in that held wide surrendering love
which is in most
reserved to be presented to
some one

God gives them power
to give themselves
in Christ his Son
with careful and attentive eyes
to every person
whom in life
they light upon

such men have nothing
but the love of all
to call their own
they have of calm
only what they have given
have of comfort and of joy
only what they have shared
have grief and laughter pain and doubt
hope and despair
for in their care
God leaves his children
in their hands
God puts his body
sometimes to be broken out
as food
sometimes to be stretched
with theirs in loneliness
on wood
that somehow they may show to all
and share with all
his crucifixion love
calling with open arms all men
into the final fastness of his peace


© Ralph Wright, O.S.B.
December, 2001