Millennium Hymn


• • •


God has called us out of the darkness
To the wonder of his light
See your dignity, O Christian
Rescued from eternal night.
See the glory of your calling,
Brothers, sister of the Lord,
Calling God himself your Father
Through the love he has outpoured.

From the moment that he forms us
In the womb, until we die
We are his eternal children
With a destiny on high.
May we live by this great vision,
May we share this gift of sight,
May we serve beyond the darkness
All who hunger for the light.

Turn away from all corruption,
Be a sign before the world
Of the love the Father shows us
In his gentle mighty Word.
Be the light upon the lampstand,
Be the city on the hill.
Be the men and women toiling,
Seeking but the Father's will.

Father, hear your children call you
in the name of Christ your Son;
Send the Spirit whom he promised
That in him we may be one.
Then the world will come to know you
In the son who came and died,
For your love will be reflected
In the mirror of our lives.


© Ralph Wright, O.S.B.
January, 2000