• • •


For all eternity I have forgone
the opportunity of bringing
into being
persons of my mould
for all eternity
yet with my features,
my voice, my face, my hands,
my chemistry,
blended with hers.

For You
for all eternity
I have forgone
the right to call
one person in this world
my very own
and to be hers — for You
I have forgone.

Could I have given
greater gifts than these
to You, my Lord,
could I have given greater?

There will be
never again
a life-time for procreation.
I live my flesh—
my transient flash of shooting stardom—
against the backdrop of
and give to You
all that I could create
all that I could — with You—
bring to eternal being.


© Ralph Wright, O.S.B.
September, 2002