As Your Heavenly Father


• • •


because You see
in me
the one Jesus
You proclaim
the one excellence
— His word —
wherein no spot
or wrinkle
of evil or medi-
ocrity may be
for even a moment
found tolerable

because You love
in me
your only Son
therefore must I
love my enemies,
forgive those
who nail me naked,
give to all who ask and be
pure of every whim
of lust as lovely woman
crosses my path

because You love
in me
— distorted though I am
from birth —
all the one Jesus
that I am
You long so
long so
long so patiently, gently
for me to surrender
me to You

that in me You can say
— as in Jesus —
what I can
I will
I am


© Ralph Wright, O.S.B.
August, 2002