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Email our vocation director

Saint Louis Abbey
500 South Mason Road
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Monastery: 314-434-3690
Vocations: ext. 362

Each monk's voice mail: Use the dial by name directory, typing fr or br and the first four letters of his religious name (e.g., frgreg or brcass) then press pound (#).

High School Main Line: 314-434-3690
High School Office: ext. 100
Junior School Office: ext. 200
Development Office: ext. 300
Communications Office: ext. 250
Finance Office: ext. 316

Gym Office: ext. 153
Maintenance: 314-469-9971
St. Anselm Parish Center: 314-878-2120


Day: 314-434-2557, option Emergency

Night / Annointing of the Sick:

  • 314-606-4186 (Fr. Gerard)
  • 314-852-6579 (Fr. Benedict)