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Our work primarily takes the form of two apostolates: Saint Louis Priory* School and Saint Anselm Parish. Both of these long-standing apostolates and the Latin Oratory of Ss Gregory and Augustine, which we staff, are all located on the Abbey grounds. About 15 monks work in the 400-student high school, two monks run the 1000-family parish, one monk serves as the Rector for the small but growing Latin oratory, and some brothers have specific jobs within the monastery proper.

The apostolates of teaching and ministering have been a major part of English Benedictine monasticism for centuries. Our mother house, Ampleforth Abbey, is a model of commitment to this dual apostolate.

Although the works are demanding, they are balanced and sustained by the prayer life. In fact, the works are inspired and fueled by faithfulness to prayer in all its forms, and before any and all work that we engage in, we are first of all monks dedicated to prayer, worship, and growth in holiness.

* When the school was founded our monastery was a priory. When we became an abbey the community decided to retain the name of The Saint Louis Priory School for the school since by this name it had achieved a considerable reputation in colleges and universities across the country.