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An acclaimed Classicist, Cricketer, and soldier, Father Timothy’s adventures have taken him around the world, from Pakistan where he was born, to Oxford where he took a “First” in Classics, to Burma where he fought alongside the legendary Gurkhas, to Saint Louis, Missouri where he founded our monastery and school. He is also a direct descendant of "Little" Jack Horner.

Still, for a man of such far-ranging talents and interests, Father Timothy describes his vocation in surprisingly simple terms: “If the monastic life could produce men like the many I knew at Ampleforth, it would be all right for me.” Years into his vocation, Father Timothy would provide a similar witness to others, as it was his reputation that established credibility for the newly founded Priory School at America’s most prestigious universities.

Of the three founding monks, Father Timothy’s special gift was leadership. He was the founding Headmaster of the Priory School, setting its course for excellence from the beginning, and guiding it through its first two decades. When Father Luke Rigby was Prior, Father Timothy served as Sub-Prior and Vocations Director.  He was also the first monk-pastor of Saint Anselm Parish, a flock he led through witty, scholarly (and occasionally stern) homilies for fourteen years. Additionally, he served as translator for the most widely read edition of the Rule of Saint Benedict, now known simply as “RB 1980”. Upon retirement from the parish, he composed an official history of Saint Louis Abbey entitled “In Good Soil.”

In 2004, the Abbot President of The English Benedictine Congregation bestowed upon Father Timothy the honorific title of Prior of Ely Cathedral.



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