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In the two years prior to his solemn profession, Br. Maximilian spent much of his time working in the Junior School, the place where, in retrospect, the seeds of his monastic vocation were first planted. There he carried on the tradition of young monks teaching, coaching, and informally mentoring the youngest members of the school, with his work in theology, cross-country, soccer, track, and tennis. Having sat in their seats, he knew well how to reach them, and he used this advantage to win over his students to their new environment and studies. Br. Maximilian also took responsibility for Monkamp, a summer program in which boys from the Junior School visit the monastery for four days. His presence and later leadership of Monkamp has helped its growth considerably. The program now draws more than thirty students over two sessions each summer, quite a dramatic increase since the days when Br. Maximilian himself was a participant. The monastic altar servers was another group to which he once belonged as a student and later led as a monk, instructing them on aspects of the liturgy and organizing for them retreats and pilgrimages. Finally, Br. Maximilian has continued to work in the Aim High summer program for disadvantaged yet promising St. Louis City students held at Priory, a work which he began three summers before his entry into the novitiate in 2002.

This heavy involvement in the apostolic works of the Abbey may indicate that Brother Maximilian is an extroverted monk, but he is really about as tight-lipped as they come. Perhaps he prefers to lead and teach more by example than words, but this has never inhibited his abilities as a communicator. Although he does not consider himself a voracious reader, in his free time Brother Maximilian enjoys exploring liturgical texts, particularly in the original Latin, and relating them to the mysteries of the liturgical year. For recreation, Br. Maximilian can be found outside playing Frisbee with some of the boys or younger monks or at the television for a Notre Dame football game or Cardinals baseball game. In particular, he has distinguished himself amongst his brethren in his sledding prowess, running, jumping, and diving with reckless abandon and unsurpassed speed.



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Place of birth:
Saint Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis Priory School ’00
Saint Louis University
University of Notre Dame:
B.A. History and Philosophy

Current Work:
Theology Teacher
Ultimate Frisbee Coach
Master of Ceremonies
Junior School Athletics

Camping and the Outdoors
Ultimate Frisbee
Saint Louis Professional Sports
Medieval and Modern History
Church History