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Fr. Aidan loves 20th-century American literature, music, and films. He has a particular interest in Woody Allen, Martin Scorcese, and Francis Ford Coppola. Given his interest in gangster movies, it is ironic that the most fitting description of him is that of a “good fellow” in the truest sense of the phrase: an affable and considerate friend. His unassuming ways give him an easy familiarity with the diverse members of our house no less than the boys in his stained glass studio. It’s not just his acquaintances who respond to his charisma, but strangers too. Indeed, his life is a sign of how God draws people to the humble of heart.

Fr. Aidan’s many spiritual gifts were nurtured in him by a devout family. Growing up on the south side of Saint Louis City just outside of “The Hill,” his natural piety found expression as an altar server at Saint Ambrose parish where he attended weekday Mass during the summers with his mother and sister. After high school he began to feel a more urgent call to increase his participation in the sacraments. After some time, he noticed a further desire to make prayer a larger part of his life. When his sister, who had become a Franciscan, returned on holiday, he discussed the matter with her, still slightly incredulous that he could have a call to the religious life. Thankfully she and the Archdiocese’s vocations office saw his potential and encouraged him to explore it in prayer. His discernment led him to join the abbey on January 9, 1999.











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Homily for Solemn Profession

School for the Lord’s Service Essay

Favorite Books

Place of birth:
Saint Louis

Webster University:
Studying English and Philosophy

Current Work:
Kitchen Master
Head Sacristan

Cardinals Baseball
Modern American Literature
-- especially Hemingway