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Father Gerard has one gear: high or full speed. He seems to be a man keenly aware of the value of each minute in his pilgrimage, and whether the activity at hand is work, prayer, recreation, or exercise, he enters into it with what seems to be an endless amount of energy. The most amazing part is that it all seems so effortless for him, as if praying as a monk, running a parish, cycling throughout the city at night for hours, and meeting each situation with a smile and a comforting chuckle is just natural. Such docility to grace is most certainly the product of much ora et labora, and serves him, and the community, well as Prior of the monastery, which he was appointed to in 2014.

It all began when as a civil servant and daily Mass attendee at Holy Cross Parish in Baden in North Saint Louis, he thought it would be nice to join each of his main interests more closely together, both physically and spiritually, as a monk. Never could he have foreseen all that God had in store for him -- with years of teaching, coaching, ministering, and pastoring ahead of him. As Father Gerard enters his 26th year as a priest, it will be interesting to see how his fiat and God’s providence for him continue to unfold. It is easy to say that those around him and many throughout the city have been blessed by the priestly service of this native son with a vast memory for and connection with people, places, and especially parishes throughout the area.

Father Gerard has published poems in:

  • Spirit and Life
  • The Merton Seasonal
  • Review for Religious







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Place of birth:
Saint Louis, MO

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B.A. Humanities

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Pontifical Beda College

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Pastor of Saint Anselm’s Parish

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