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Brother Symeon came to Saint Louis Abbey hoping to become the groundskeeper.  But Providence, good luck, and the headmaster thrust him into the Art Department, where he quietly introduced a world-class caligraphy program, a stained glass studio capable of reproducing the world's greatest works, and a Caligraphers' Guild which quickly became the most prestigious club in the school.

Through his quiet, amiable example, Brother Symeaon has taught much more than mechanical drawing, calligraphy, or stained glass. Indeed, his students are quick to point out that the hours they spend with 'Bro' teach them as much about the spiritual life as they does about the world of art.

Brother Symeon discovered early in his career as a teacher that the most powerful catalyst for igniting the interest of his students was to work on a related piece of art himself. The students were attracted by his own interest, and when they continued to come after classes, he developed the Guild of Saint Columkille to give structure and vision to their enthusiasm.

Working with Brother Symeon, the Guild has produced many superb works of art, including the High School’s two-story Millennial window (a copy of the Jesse Tree window of Chartres) as well as the many tapestries and flags that decorate the halls of school and monastery alike. In 1993, Brother Symeon was selected as one of the recipients of the “Emerson Electric Company’s Excellence in Teaching Award” and the Missouri Council For American Private Education's “Educator of Achievement Award in Motivation.”





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Place of birth:
Valley Stream, NY

State University of New York at Stony Brook:
B.A. in Art History

Current Work:
Stained Glass